Aug 30, 2022Liked by Benedict Cryptofash

Sharp critique as usual. Two questions:

1) Given that bourgeois society is, as you say, structured by the Left/Right polarity, what accounts for the relative intensity of this polarity at any given time? At certain moments the Left and Right appear more or less mutually civil, at other moments, murderously hostile to the point of civil war. Why?

2) In the foregoing Marxism appears as a kind of rhetorical adjunct of Leftism serving to camouflage the Leftist (bourgeois) agenda. Nonetheless you also identify Leftist Marxism as a true expression of Marxism, and also say Leftism mystifies Marx. What then is Marxism, if it takes bourgeois Leftist forms, authentically? Is there even a Marxism, or is there only Marx, and perhaps Marxist critique in the sense of the line of thought extending from him? You say antileftist Marxism attempts to realise itself, by negating (the negation of?) Leftist Marxism? What appears when it does so, if it able to do so? Or does it never appear, but is only ever attempting to, not unlike the Messiah.

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